All-Party Parliamentary Group on

Population, Development and Reproductive Health

APPG on Population, Development and Reproductive Health

Secretariat address:

Room LG05, Fielden House, House of Lords, London SW1P 3SH

The group received written evidence from 23 people and organisations, and oral evidence from 14 expert witnesses. These are listed below.

Evidence received for 2015 population hearings

Oral evidence

Preliminary session

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

Written evidence (click on name of submission for document)

Corey Bradshaw  (University of Adelaide)
Scott Moreland (Futures Group)
Robert Muggah (Igarapé Institute)
Marge Berer (Reproductive Health Matters)
Cecilia Tacoli (IIED)
Edward Morgan (no affiliation)
Roger Martin (Population Matters)
Gordon McGranahan (IIED)
Alan Young (no affiliation)
Priya Deshingkar (University of Sussex)
John Hyde (AFPPD)
Gemma Bowsher (Medsin)
Maya Unnithan (University of Sussex)
Oliver Dormon (Office for National Statistics)
Malcolm Potts (Berkeley and OASIS)
Riva Eskinazi (IPPF)
Sarah Fisher (PSN and PSDA)
Jonas Ardo (Lund University)
Daniel Schensul (UNFPA)
Bethan Cobley (MSI)
Kate Horstead (Age International)
Royal Society
Joseph Assan (Brandeis University)

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