The UK All Party Parliamentary Group on Population, Development and Reproductive Health will hold Parliamentary Hearings between

May - July 2006 on:


As this is such a broad subject area, we wish to focus the hearings on specific areas and request that, likewise, you focus your written evidence
on your sphere of expertise.

Principally we are concerned with the effect population growth is having on the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals:

Poverty and Hunger
Universal Primary Education
Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women
Child Mortality
Maternal Health
HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other diseases
Environmental Sustainability

We are also interested in the effect of population growth on migration.

Submission of written evidence

Organisations and individuals with relevant experience and expertise are invited to submit written evidence addressing the focus area(s) above,
relevant to them or their organisation to Ann Mette Kjaerby, Parliamentary and Policy Advisor to APPG on PD&RH by 15th March 2006.


Written evidence should:

1) Be provided electronically in MS Word or Rich Text format by e-mail to kjaerbym@parliament.uk, and a hard copy should be sent to Ann Mette Kjaerby, Parliamentary and Policy Advisor APPG on PD&RH, Room 563 Portcullis House, House of Commons, Westminster SW1A 2LW
2) Have a covering letterhead containing your full postal address and contact details and state clearly which focus area(s) you are addressing
3) Include a brief introduction to the persons or organisations submitting written evidence (stating their area of expertise, etc.)
4) Be no more than 3000 words. Any longer submissions should begin with a one page summary, have numbered paragraphs and avoid the use of colour or expensive-to-print material
5) Supplementary material (leaflets, articles from periodicals, etc.) may also be sent, but it is helpful if the memorandum itself is self-contained (summarising the main points made in the supplementary material if necessary).

Detailed inquiries to Ann Mette Kjaerby, Parliamentary and Policy Advisor to the APPG on PD&RH on 0207 219 2492 or kjaerbym@parliament.uk

Written evidence may be posted on the APPG on PD&RH website following Hearings. If this isn't acceptable to the person or organisation submitting the written evidence this should be clearly stated.